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Shacarri Richardson Was Told To Leave An American Airlines Aircraft

Cardi B Had To Ask The Court For An Extension On Her Community Service

Young Thug Allegedly Doing Hand-To-Hand Drug Deals During Court

The Man Who Shot Takeoff Has Made His $1M Bond And Has Been Released

Eboni & Dustin Break Down The Conviction Of Tory Lanez

Damar Hamlin Is Eligible For A Workman's Comp Claim

Young Thug's Trial Has Officially Begun

Jen Shah Has Been Sentenced To 6.5 Years In Prison

Evanston, IL: 1st US Town To Give Black Citizens Reparations

Dustin and Eboni Break Down The Situation With Ray J And Princess Love

Newsom Signed A Bill To Study Ways To Implement Reparations For Black Californians

Eboni and Dustin Discuss Kyrie Irving's Suspension From the Nets

Eboni Discusses Brittney Griner's Release From Russian Prison

Eboni and Dustin Break Down Georgia's Primary Election

Eboni Discusses TJ Holmes And Not Sh*tting Where You Work

Brittney Griner Has Officially Been Released From Russia

Akon Speaks on Young Thug's Legal Case

Akon Says Young Thug’s Career Is Over If He Cooperates In RICO Case

Nipsey Hussle's Mom's Lawyer Has Dropped Her As A Client

Akon Says Young Thug Being Known As A Snitch Is The Biggest Embarrassment

Eboni K. Williams Shares Her Takes On The Handling Of Shanquilla Robinson's Case

Odell Beckham Jr. Is Suing Nike For $20M

Eboni K. Williams Explains Antonio Brown's Failure To Appear In Court

Todrick Hall Has Been Ordered To Pay $102K In Unpaid Rent

Bacardi Claims Jay-Z Backed Out Of A Handshake Deal

Kyrie Irving Suspended From The Brooklyn Nets For Refusing To Disavow Antisemitism

Eboni K. Williams Examines The NBA's Suspension of Kyrie Irving

Eboni Breaks Down The Charges Against Young Thug & Gunna

Why Jen Shah's Lawyer Told Her To Stop Getting Botox Before Her Court Appearance

Eboni K. Williams Discusses The Protection Of Black Art

Eboni & Dustin Discuss The George Floyd Lawsuit Against Kanye West

Woman Who Went In For Liposuction And A Tummy Tuck Woke Up Without A Kidney

Kanye West Is Being Sued By George Floyd's Family

Eboni K. Williams Discusses The HR Claims Against Ramona Singer

Eboni K. Williams Will Not Concede Anything To Ramona Singer

Pieper Lewis Was Ordered To Pay For Killing Her Abuser

The Down Low On Everyone Responsible In The Murder of PnB Rock

What Makes Mel B's Child Support Claim For Eddie Murphy Different Than The Others?

What Does Biden's Marijuana Pardon Actually Mean?

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Is Making Moves In Her First Week

Chris Rock Should Be Slapped One More Time

It's Always Something With Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese Gibson Hired Ben Crump AND Wants A New Judge On His Case

Does Ne-Yo Actually Have a Good Claim To Not Pay Spousal Support?

You CAN Get Fired For Being A F*ckboy: Breaking Down Ime Udoka's NBA Suspension

Can Tasha K Leave The Country To Avoid Paying Cardi B $3.3M?

Unpacking Tyrese Gibson's Contentious Court Appearance

Cam Newton May Be Held In Contempt After Failing To Pay Child Support

Eboni and Dustin Discuss The Racial Controversy at Duke University

Dustin And Eboni Will NOT Be Holding Onto Contraband

R. Kelly Is Back On Trial With New Charges

Think Twice Before Spending That Student Loan Forgiveness Money

Eboni & Dustin Discuss Brittney Griner, Student Loans & R. Kelly

Justice for Breonna Taylor

Dwyane Wade Files Motion To Change Daughter's Legal Name

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